DIRECTOR- Chad Archibald

Director and owner of Guelph based film studio BLACK FAWN FILMS, Chad Archibald is one of the freshest voices emerging from the Canadian film industry. A graduate of Humber College’s Multimedia Design and Production program, Archibald co-wrote and co-directed the horror film Desperate Souls when he was just 22 years old. The independent project was quickly picked up for distribution by Lionsgate Films and Alliance Atlantis and has appeared on TMN,TMN OnDemand and IFC. Soon after Desperate Souls, Archibald was taken on by Creepy 3 productions to travel across Canada directing Season 3 of OLN/Discovery’s haunting series Creepy Canada. Archibald was also hired on to direct Real Choices, a feature film exploring the implicit dangers of youth gangs in Canada. The project was funded by Crime Prevention Canada.

In addition to completing KILL this year, Archibald is currently in post production on a number of projects including a new short film entitled ELLIOTT, as well as filling the roles of Director of Photography and Producer on Switchblade Studios’ upcoming 2009 Lionsgate/Maple release Psycho Ward and the gritty independent thriller DRAWBACK. Archibald has also acted as producer on Filament Film’s revenge thriller Sweet Karma and the 70’s style horror film If A Tree Falls. In 2007, Archibald established BLACK FAWN FILMS as his premiere company which, in addition to his growing filmography, has also travelled across North America directing music videos, television commercials, electronic press kits and album covers for a number of record labels including Victory Records (RED Distribution), Red Ink (Sony/BMG), Year of the Sun Records (Independent/Sonic Unyon/The End Records), and Stereo Dynamite (Independent/EMI). Through a calm directing style and a unique creative vision Archibald has molded a versatile and dependable skill set, aspects which have fueled a professional style both in film and television.


PRODUCER – Patrick McBrearty

Patrick McBrearty is a Producer/Director based out of Toronto, Canada. Patrick learned his craft over several years by working in both the film and television industry before writing, directing and producing several of his own shorts. His first feature film, “Psycho Ward” was a low budget horror movie that was sold to Grindstone Entertainment Group based out of California, and will be released through the genre movie powerhouse Lion’s Gate in the United States and their sister company Maple Pictures in Canada. Patrick also produced Black Fawn Films sci-fi short film "Elliott".

PRODUCER - Cody Calahan

Growing up in Kingston Ontario, Cody Calahan, found filmmaking at the age of 15 after becoming involved in his high school Film and Video program. Cody moved to Toronto to pursue a career in Directing and Producing and attended the Ontario College of Art and Design where he shot and Directed a documentary for the Canadian Film Centre as well as Produced and Directed four short films.  After graduating with a Diploma in Film and Video, Cody went on to Direct three short films, one of which was shown before “Childstar”, that was Directed by Don McKellar, a Canadian icon in the industry. Calahan then produced two short films for other Canadian artists and directors before being hired by Verses Magazine to act as a Video Magazine Designer, Videographer and Content Editor. After that Cody moved into Art Directing and Production Design, working on such television shows as Canada’s Worst Handyman and Canada’s Worst Driver.  Cody was also hired as Assistant Director and Associate Producer on the feature film, “Sweet Karma”. After doing several short films, commercials and music videos, Cody met John Geddes and Jesse Cook who hired him as their Production Designer for there debut feature film, “Scarce”.  Recently Calahan has co-created, Produced and Directed a pilot for a television show called, “The Rusty Kitchen”  and MTV has called on him to act as Assistant Director and Production Manager on a long list of commercials. Now full-time with FORESIGHT FEATURES and BLACKFAWN FILMS, Cody Calahan brings a wealth of creative television and film production experience to the table, and a one-of-a-kind passion that is truly irreplaceable in this business.



Martin Buzora was born on June 24, 1984, in Budapest, Hungary as the younger son to parents Steven Buzora, a professional drummer, and Sophie Buzora, an art teacher. Raised by a family of passionate travelers, Buzora was exposed to many different cultures from a very young age. At age 12, he moved with his family to Ontario, Canada where he lived out his teenage years. After high school, Buzora was accepted into the Computer Science program at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada. During his first year of university, he also worked as Assistant Director on the indie horror film Desperate Souls (2005). This experience sparked his interest in filmmaking and fuelled by his new found dream, Buzora decided to pursue his goals elsewhere in school. Later on, he studied Film at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada, where he completed his short film A Woman of Wealth and Taste (2005), a romantic drama which went on to screen at several independent North American film festivals including the New York International
Independent Film Festival. In the fall of 2005 Buzora worked as Director of Photography on the horror film KILL. In 2009 Martin directed a music video for Coldplay's "LOST?" video contest which he recieved international recognition and was awarded 2nd place.

In addition to being a contributing photographer/writer for LOAD Magazine and acting as Cinematographer on a number of music videos for Black Fawn Films, Buzora recently finished editing “Psycho Ward”, a gruesome slasher flick set for release in 2009.